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Drug addiction isn't pretty (Photo: cat-chitchat.pictures-of-cats.org)

Since yesterday was 420, also known as National Pot Smoking Day, today I’ve decided to talk about a different kind of stoners: cats.

Catnip is a herb that’s part of the mint family. It is native to Europe but now grows throughout the United States. The nepetalactone inside of the catnip is what gets cats “high.”


Instead of heading to White Castle and pondering the meaning of life, cats respond to catnip rubbing it, rolling all around, and just basically acting a fool.

Catnip can’t get every cat its fix. It only gets 50 percent of all cats high, and the ability to get high is a genetic trait. What’s even crazier about catnip is the fact that it’s not just a house cat’s herb. If you give a tiger or mountain lion some catnip and they have the gene, you’ll get the same effect.

The reaction only lasts a few minutes, and doesn’t usually work on kittens and older cats. You can grow your own catnip, buy it in the store, or purchase toys with catnip in them. And don’t be alarmed if Fluffy eats the catnip-that’s normal.

Since catnip is legal and cats don’t smoke it, it’s really nothing like human marijuana. Studies show that it has no harmful effects on kitties, though Misty never touched the stuff in her entire life. She was enough of a wackadoo in her youth. It wouldn’t have ended well.


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