Steady Diet of Noise is a blog curated by Michael Patrick Nelson, an ex-record store employee, Bathory fan and author of the weekly music column Sonic Boom. SDoN is a conversation about underground music, dark music, druggy music, heavy music, old music, loud music, sad music, weird music, and anything else that might be considered by me (or my neighbors) to be "noise" (including but certainly not limited to music that falls into the existing genre called "noise"). Rumsey Punch is a blog by Spencer Rumsey, senior editor at the Long Island Press, who's worked for dailies, weeklies, and monthlies from Portland, Maine, to San Francisco, the East Village and, yes, Melville. He's also done stints in a chicken factory and a defense plant. Rumsey Punch takes its inspiration from Aristotle: "Man is by nature a political animal," with the emphasis on animal. Politics, culture and other curiosities will get added to the mix. Even the Mets are fair game. So, let's stir it up, because the time we have is like a bubble. You never know when it's going to pop.
Reigning Cats and Dogs is for anyone who loves animals. Here, Lindsay Christ will discuss everything animal related and try to find interesting things that pet lovers can use. She is not a pet professional, just a pet lover who has had pets since she was three, and was voted "most likely to become an old cat lady" in high school. Help her realize her dream, and join in the fun! Clothes Line is dedicated to everything fashionable and fabulous! Fashion - hobby, lifestyle or religion, whatever your definition, Licia breathes and believes it. She believe that everyone's fashion tells a story, about your life, feelings, goals, attitudes and even beliefs. Don't be fashionably late, check out Clothes Line now!